International Electronic Component Exchange

Welcome to IECX!! We are your obsolete supply chain management resource for a broad range of semiconductor solutions. Over the past three years IECX has continually redefined our business model to accommodate market demands our customers are being faced with in today’s extremely complicated I.C. sourcing infrastructure. Electronic Equipment Manufacturer's have been slowly changing their processes as it pertains to the acquisition of Obsolete I.C.'s and IECX has stepped up to meet all of their expectations. Other independent channels of securing "EOL" types of products have fallen short due to the increasing amount of substandard, counterfeit, miss-marked and/or damaged product being sourced in a non-regulated open market manner. IECX provides drop-in -replacement products and design solutions for over 1 million obsolete semiconductor products that are shipped and invoiced directly from the factory to the customer with C of C's, traceability and full warranties. This is truly the only fool proof method of sourcing an "EOL" / Obsolete product.

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